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It is really a privilege to be able to help even a single person with your support. Our organization understands the value of your each and every donation to this cause and we could not be more obliged. One of the best ways to help give vision is by providing the financial support that allows all of this magic to be possible. For that our charity is incredibly thankful, without you none of these life changing surgeries would be possible. One of the saddest parts is the fact that these people think that having a cataract is just a part of life and nothing

can be done for them, when really it can be fixed with a simple surgical procedure. So, every time that you donate money you make the impossible come true for these people, who may have lost hope altogether. We understand that giving money can be difficult but it is all worth it when you are able to see the light in these people's eyes afterwards. So, we ask you to please donate any amount that you can afford. We assure you that the good you do will never be forgotten by us nor the person who received a surgery from your incredible generosity.

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