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Our story began when the founder of this organization had the chance to see people with cataracts suffer from their inability to see. She saw how people with cataracts lived and decided that something needed to be done. From then on out she made it her main goal to find a way to give the people who couldn't afford the surgery an opportunity to get it.

In India there are two main reasons that a large majority of people get cataracts. The number one reason is the lack of proper eye care availability. The second reason is that many people are required to work out in the sun without glasses to protect them from the sun's harmful rays. The people that develop cataracts in their eyes do not realize what they have because they have very limited access to healthcare. One of the main problems is that many of the people live with their cataracts for almost 1-2 years without going anywhere to seek help. Many of these people tend to find out what they have through word of mouth from either family or friends.

This then pushes them to seek medical attention from camps that are sometimes set up near local markets. At the camps people are told what eye conditions they have and where they are eligible to get a free cataract surgery. They are brought on a bus to the hospital where they will receive their surgery. That bus will also bring them back for their post surgery check-up which is after 2-3 days. The best parts of this whole process is seeing their smiles after the surgery. Oftentimes they have tears in their eyes and are eternally grateful for this second chance that they were given at their life. It is a very emotional moment for everyone.

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